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My Journey

My audio journey began over a decade ago when I started as a simple consumer who enjoyed trying different power amplifier brands in order to understand their unique sonic characteristics. This led me to own over 300 power amplifiers with thousands upon thousands of hours of trial and error. My curiosity never stopped, so I began to explore new speaker brands, pre-amplifiers, cables, DACs and many other components to form the ultimate audio system.  My relentless pursuit of knowledge is what led me to create Jay's Audio Lab LLC, so I can help you build an awesome system that will sweep you off your feet! Knowledge is power!


Some of the Pieces I have Owned

Take a look at the photomontage below. These are some of the world's finest electronics that I've had the pleasure to evaluate in my lab. Some say "facts speak louder than words''; My experience revolves around ownership and my expert advice will be unbiased, raw, no hidden agendas with the utmost transparency. 

Brands I Represent

Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 5.11.54 PM.png
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